Can Switchify be used for both toggle and rocker switches?

Yes, we designed Switchify’s internal mechanism to work with both toggle and rocker switches.

Do I need to hire an electrician to install Switchify?

No, installation is simple for any adult. Peel the protective layer from the back of Switchify to expose the adhesive and stick it onto the existing switch. No electrical work is required.

Does Switchify require any maintenance?

Maintenance is minimal. The battery inside Switchify’s switch must be changed every 3 years

Is Switchify easy to remove?

To remove Switchify, pull the tabs on the easy-to-remove adhesive tape, and the device will be removed from the light switch cover

Is there a learning curve?

No, Switchify actually makes it easier than regular switches, because it turns the light on and off with just a single press.

What makes Switchify visible in the dark?

The outside glows in the dark thanks to a tritium light strip, which is non-toxic and safe to use at home.

Does Switchify need an external power source?

No. The internal battery lasts 3 years.

Does Switchify make any noise?

No, we use electronics to reduce noise.

What is the warranty?

Our warranty covers any problems with Switchify for 6 years.